Monster High Frankie Stien Costume review

     Monster High Frankie Stein Costume review 
                    Courtesy of : Anytime Costumes

 Any mom with daughters knows Monster High and how popular it has become among young girls. My daughters included! I had my 7 year old inmind when choosing a Monster High costume so we went with her most favorite character Frankie Stien. From past expereience ( last year ) I have learned not to wait until the last minute to get Halloween costumes for 2 reasons 1. My daughters always seem to be in the most popular size range 2. The popular costumes either run out or the ones they do have ar emissing pieces. Which is why I was glad to be able to order online from Anytime Costumes. We had a great variety to choose from and hooray the had her size! My daughter picked out the Monster High Frankie Stein . So cute! It came with all the goods. Which included Dress with attached sleeves and tie , Studded belt, Shoe covers & tights

She was so excited when it arrived ( a few weeks before Halloween awesome fast shipping! ) She tried it on at least 4 times and begged to wear it lol. Since Halloween has now come & gone she now is able to use this costume for dress up. Even between her 3 other sisters it has held up nicely .They even have a great place for kids to go and play some really cool games so check out Monster-High-games

I recieved the cotume to facilitate my review however all opinions are my own!

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